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[Note: No information about the photographers or other people in pictures was provided]

Chantry "Rocky Whore"

Colorado Springs/Colorado/USA

Birth date:
8/28/90 (I am the youngest, but most commonly acclaimed tranny on cast)

Student, wannabe actress

Homepage URL:

E-mail address:

Cast name and web address:
Midnight Depravity, but we have no set website yet.

Previous cast(s):
Midnight Depravity is my one and only

Date I started performing in Rocky Horror:
March 18 2005

Why I love this part:
I love playing the Villian...Riff Raff is very dark and sinister and I often am told how I give other cast members the creeps when I perform.....and it is the role best suited for me....

What made me want to perform in this show?

Advice I'd give to someone just starting out:

Ok here's where I am going to go into the nostalgic part. Ever since our producer first asked me to be a tranny, I have been completely in love with the part. Yes, it's a small part, and no, we aren't always mentioned during a curtain call, but we make a difference. Every week, I select a person to focus on, like my friend and old trannie pal Angel did to me. I give them anything I can to make the show as special as it is to me. I can't explain how much the Midnight Depravity cast has helped me out (Especially Jonathan, our Frank, whom has been acting as Frank-N-Furter for 19 years now, 20 in January). I am a new person, and Rocky Horror is to thank for this.

Ok, enough with the sentimental hoo hah. I would like to thank you for making a website where the worlds Trannies can unite. Thank you so very much.

Date added to this site:
April 27, 2009

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